Éadaí Bréagfeistis Oíche Shamhna

October 15, 2022
Éadaí Bréagfeistis saor in aisce nó ar fáil do shíntiús beag i halla na scoile ar an Aoine, An 21ú Deireadh Fómhair óna 9 go 11 rn
Please drop in second hand costumes to school hall on or before Friday morning, October 21st. Parents from the school are welcome to call in to school between 9 am and 11am on Friday, October 21st and to take a costume for free or to give a donation to Comhairle na dTuistí/ Parents Council.
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Cruinniú Cinn Bhliana de Chomhairle na dTuistí/ Parents Council AGMCuairt ó Thánaiste na Tíre

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