Rang 5 - Cuimhní na Bliana

June 27, 2017

Nach iontach an bhliain a bhí ag Rang 5.

A compilation of pictures featuring a variety of activities that the children participated in over the school year. We had an extremely busy year with plenty of opportunities to learn and experience new things, including the turas scoile , science experiments, library visits, Zumba, Seachtain na Gaeilge, Youghal heritage tour and the beach ecology exploration to name but a few! The children were a credit to the school on all occasions and I hope they enjoyed the year as much as I did.

Múinteoir Julie

IMG_6889 IMG_6885 IMG_6883 IMG_6882 IMG_6879 IMG_6875 IMG_6872 IMG_6860 IMG_6855 IMG_6851 IMG_6843 IMG_6812 IMG_6801 IMG_6791 IMG_6789 IMG_6788 IMG_6787 IMG_6785 IMG_6784 IMG_6780 IMG_6779 IMG_6770 IMG_6769 IMG_6768 IMG_6751 IMG_6737 IMG_6735 IMG_6661 IMG_6658 IMG_6656 IMG_6643 IMG_6642 IMG_6641 IMG_6640 IMG_6638 IMG_6637 IMG_6635 IMG_6634 IMG_6633 IMG_6630 IMG_6629 IMG_6628 IMG_6627 IMG_6626 IMG_6624 IMG_6618 IMG_6616 IMG_6614 IMG_6613 IMG_6612 IMG_6610 IMG_6608 IMG_6604 IMG_6597 IMG_6595 IMG_6593 IMG_6592 IMG_6591 IMG_6588 IMG_6587 IMG_6586 IMG_6585 IMG_6584 IMG_6583 IMG_6582 IMG_6580 IMG_6578 IMG_6577 IMG_6575 IMG_6569 IMG_6566 IMG_6565 IMG_6547 IMG_6545 IMG_6543 IMG_6538 IMG_6537 IMG_6531 IMG_6525 IMG_6523 IMG_6522 IMG_6518 IMG_6517 IMG_6512 IMG_6511 IMG_6510 IMG_6509 IMG_6508 IMG_6507 IMG_6506 IMG_6505 IMG_6504 IMG_6503 IMG_6502 IMG_6500 IMG_6499 IMG_6497 IMG_6493 IMG_6485 IMG_6481 IMG_6480 IMG_6479 IMG_6476 IMG_6474 IMG_6473 IMG_6472 IMG_6466 IMG_6465 IMG_6464 IMG_6463 IMG_6462 IMG_6461 IMG_6457 IMG_6456 IMG_6455 IMG_6446 IMG_6445 IMG_6444 IMG_6443 IMG_6442 IMG_6441 IMG_6440 IMG_6437 IMG_6435 IMG_6430 IMG_6429 IMG_6426 IMG_6424 IMG_6423 IMG_6419 IMG_6417 IMG_6412 IMG_6409 IMG_6408 IMG_6401 IMG_6399 IMG_6396 IMG_6395 IMG_6394 IMG_6391 IMG_6388 IMG_6385 IMG_6384 IMG_6383 IMG_6382 IMG_6381 IMG_6375 IMG_6373 IMG_6371 IMG_6369 IMG_6368 IMG_6366 IMG_6364 IMG_6361 IMG_6359 IMG_6349 IMG_6347 IMG_6344 IMG_6341 IMG_6265 IMG_6264 IMG_6263 IMG_6259 IMG_6258 IMG_6255 IMG_6254 IMG_6252 IMG_6246 IMG_6244 IMG_6242 IMG_6237 IMG_6236 IMG_6235 IMG_6234 IMG_6232 IMG_6057 IMG_6056 IMG_6053 IMG_6045 IMG_6043 IMG_6040 IMG_6035 IMG_6032 IMG_6031 IMG_6029 IMG_6027 IMG_6024 IMG_6022 IMG_6019 IMG_5980 IMG_5973 IMG_5935 IMG_5931 IMG_5924 IMG_5922 IMG_5921 IMG_5920 IMG_5919 IMG_5915 IMG_5914 IMG_5911 IMG_5910 IMG_5905 IMG_5904 IMG_5855 IMG_5854 IMG_5853 IMG_5852 IMG_5851 IMG_5850 IMG_5848 IMG_5389 IMG_5388 IMG_5375 IMG_5372 IMG_5370 IMG_5368 IMG_5279 IMG_5243 IMG_5237 IMG_5124 IMG_5119 IMG_5118 IMG_5047 IMG_5046 IMG_5045 IMG_5044 IMG_5041 IMG_5037 IMG_5032 IMG_5031 IMG_4940 IMG_4939 IMG_4938 IMG_4937 IMG_4936 IMG_4935 IMG_4934 IMG_4933 IMG_4906 IMG_4904 IMG_4903 IMG_4902 IMG_4898 IMG_4897 IMG_4893 IMG_4891 IMG_4888 IMG_4886 IMG_4885 IMG_4884 IMG_4879 IMG_4814 IMG_4804 IMG_4660 IMG_4658 IMG_4654 IMG_4646 IMG_4638 IMG_4637 IMG_4636 IMG_4635 IMG_4634 IMG_4633 IMG_4621 IMG_4620 IMG_4619 IMG_4195 IMG_4194 IMG_4192 IMG_4191 IMG_4189 IMG_4188 IMG_4187 IMG_4186 IMG_4185 IMG_4176 IMG_4157 IMG_4151 IMG_4150 IMG_4013 IMG_4011 IMG_4009 IMG_4004 IMG_4001 IMG_3996 IMG_3994 IMG_3993 IMG_3992 IMG_3989 IMG_3988 IMG_3987 IMG_3985 IMG_3983 IMG_3982 IMG_3979 IMG_3977 IMG_3971 IMG_3968 IMG_3964 IMG_3962 IMG_3961 IMG_3958 IMG_3950 IMG_3948 IMG_3946 IMG_3945 IMG_3944 IMG_3699 IMG_3698 IMG_3697 IMG_3694 IMG_3691 IMG_3690 IMG_3689 IMG_3688 IMG_3687 IMG_3684 IMG_3683 IMG_3681 IMG_3620 IMG_3619 IMG_3616 IMG_3609 IMG_3605 IMG_3604 IMG_3603 IMG_3601 IMG_3589 IMG_3579 IMG_3569 IMG_3285 IMG_3223 IMG_3221 IMG_3216 IMG_3213 IMG_3207 IMG_3206 IMG_3200 IMG_3194 IMG_3119 IMG_3116 IMG_3112 IMG_3111 IMG_3110 IMG_3109 IMG_3107 IMG_3105 IMG_3103 IMG_3101 IMG_3100 IMG_3099 IMG_2978 IMG_2976 IMG_2974 IMG_2967 IMG_2744 IMG_2735 IMG_2728 IMG_0186 IMG_0175 IMG_0171 IMG_0169

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  • Deirdre O'Sullivan
    June 30, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    Brilliant photos Julie, it was a fantastic year for fifth class, Katie really enjoyed the year, you covered so much with them. Hope you enjoy the holidays, go raibh maith agat.


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