Rang 5 - Cuimhní na Bliana 2015 /16

June 29, 2016

A Chairde,

I have created a compilation of pictures featuring photos from a variety of activities that the children participated in over the school year. We had an extremely busy year with plenty of opportunities to learn and experience new things, including the school tour, science experiments, pizza making ,Seachtain na Gaeilge and trips to the Garda station and Collins Barracks to name but a few! The children were a credit to the school on all occasions and I hope they enjoyed the year as much as I did.

Bain taitneamh as an samhradh!

Go raibh maith agaibh,

Múinteoir Julie.

IMG_0202 (Copy) IMG_0242 (Copy) IMG_0243 (Copy) IMG_0251 (Copy) IMG_0259 (Copy) IMG_0455 (Copy) IMG_0457 (Copy) IMG_0458 (Copy) IMG_0459 (Copy) IMG_0462 (Copy) IMG_0463 (Copy) IMG_0464 (Copy) IMG_0810 (Copy) IMG_0811 (Copy) IMG_0814 (Copy) IMG_0841 (Copy) IMG_0844 (Copy) IMG_0847 (Copy) IMG_0848 (Copy) IMG_0853 (Copy) IMG_0858 (Copy) IMG_0865 (Copy) IMG_0868 (Copy) IMG_0874 (Copy) IMG_0875 (Copy) IMG_0884 (Copy) IMG_0885 (Copy) IMG_0971 (Copy) IMG_0974 (Copy) IMG_0975 (Copy) IMG_0978 (Copy) IMG_0979 (Copy) IMG_1092 (Copy) IMG_1093 (Copy) IMG_1095 (Copy) IMG_1097 (Copy) IMG_1099 (Copy) IMG_1102 (Copy) IMG_1105 (Copy) IMG_1106 (Copy) IMG_1108 (Copy) IMG_1110 (Copy) IMG_1111 (Copy) IMG_1134 (Copy) IMG_1137 (Copy) IMG_1138 (Copy) IMG_1143 (Copy) IMG_1147 (Copy) IMG_1150 (Copy) IMG_1151 (Copy) IMG_1152 (Copy) IMG_1153 (Copy) IMG_1154 (Copy) IMG_1157 (Copy) IMG_1158 (Copy) IMG_1160 (Copy) IMG_1161 (Copy) IMG_1166 (Copy) IMG_1168 (Copy) IMG_1169 (Copy) IMG_1171 (Copy) IMG_1172 (Copy) IMG_1174 (Copy) IMG_1175 (Copy) IMG_1176 (Copy) IMG_1179 (Copy) IMG_1185 (Copy) IMG_1189 (Copy) IMG_1199 (Copy) IMG_1206 (Copy) IMG_1317 (Copy) IMG_1318 (Copy) IMG_1320 (Copy) IMG_1321 (Copy) IMG_1393 (Copy) IMG_1404 (Copy) IMG_1406 (Copy) IMG_1407 (Copy) IMG_1409 (Copy) IMG_1428 (Copy) IMG_1429 (Copy) IMG_1431 (Copy) IMG_1433 (Copy) IMG_1435 (Copy) IMG_1695 (Copy) IMG_1702 (Copy) IMG_1704 (Copy) IMG_1705 (Copy) IMG_1708 (Copy) IMG_1709 (Copy) IMG_1710 (Copy) IMG_1711 (Copy) IMG_1712 (Copy) IMG_1714 (Copy) IMG_1717 (Copy) IMG_1718 (Copy) IMG_1719 (Copy) IMG_1720 (Copy) IMG_1721 (Copy) IMG_1722 (Copy) IMG_1723 (Copy) IMG_1724 (Copy) IMG_1725 (Copy) IMG_1726 (Copy) IMG_1727 (Copy) IMG_1729 (Copy) IMG_1730 (Copy) IMG_1731 (Copy) IMG_1732 (Copy) IMG_1733 (Copy) IMG_1735 (Copy) IMG_1738 (Copy) IMG_1739 (Copy) IMG_1740 (Copy) IMG_1741 (Copy) IMG_1743 (Copy) IMG_1790 (Copy) IMG_1791 (Copy) IMG_1792 (Copy) IMG_1793 (Copy) IMG_1794 (Copy) IMG_1800 (Copy) IMG_1802 (Copy) IMG_1810 (Copy) IMG_1815 (Copy) IMG_8318 (Copy) IMG_8319 (Copy) IMG_8321 (Copy) IMG_8322 (Copy) IMG_8328 (Copy) IMG_8396 (Copy) IMG_8398 (Copy) IMG_8400 (Copy) IMG_8402 (Copy) IMG_8427 (Copy) IMG_8432 (Copy) IMG_8740 (Copy) IMG_8745 (Copy) IMG_8747 (Copy) IMG_8751 (Copy) IMG_8752 (Copy) IMG_8762 (Copy) IMG_8769 (Copy) IMG_8782 (Copy) IMG_8802 (Copy) IMG_8818 (Copy) IMG_9017 (Copy) IMG_9018 (Copy) IMG_9031 (Copy) IMG_9039 (Copy) IMG_9040 (Copy) IMG_9041 (Copy) IMG_9043 (Copy) IMG_9061 (Copy) IMG_9063 (Copy) IMG_9066 (Copy) IMG_9079 (Copy) IMG_9082 (Copy) IMG_9240 (Copy) IMG_9241 (Copy) IMG_9242 (Copy) IMG_9243 (Copy) IMG_9244 (Copy) IMG_9245 (Copy) IMG_9246 (Copy) IMG_9247 (Copy) IMG_9248 (Copy) IMG_9272 (Copy) IMG_9273 (Copy) IMG_9275 (Copy) IMG_9276 (Copy) IMG_9277 (Copy) IMG_9278 (Copy) IMG_9279 (Copy) IMG_9281 (Copy) IMG_9282 (Copy) IMG_9293 (Copy) IMG_9294 (Copy) IMG_9301 (Copy) IMG_9302 (Copy) IMG_9304 (Copy) IMG_9311 (Copy) IMG_9316 (Copy) IMG_9717 (Copy) IMG_9718 (Copy) IMG_9719 (Copy) IMG_9736 (Copy) IMG_9741 (Copy) IMG_9869 (Copy) IMG_9871 (Copy) IMG_9873 (Copy) IMG_9874 (Copy) IMG_9875 (Copy) IMG_9877 (Copy) IMG_9878 (Copy) IMG_9883 (Copy) IMG_9892 (Copy) IMG_9893 (Copy) IMG_9896 (Copy) IMG_9897 (Copy) IMG_9898 (Copy) IMG_9899 (Copy) IMG_9906 (Copy)

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Bronnadh An Fáinne Airgid ar Dhaltaí Rang 6 Saoire an tSamhraidh
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  • Suzanne Ó Maitiú
    June 30, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Go hálainn at fad! Go raibh míle maith agat Julie!! X


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