Griangrafanna: School photographs of your chid/children were taken recently by William Whyte School Photography. Photographic proofs are now in your possession along with order envelopes.
If you wish to order photographs ensure that you follow the written instructions carefully:
· Ensure the correct reference no. is on the order envelope.
· Choose your preferred package(s).
· Ensure correct monies are enclosed.

Ø If making an order read and follow ‘how to order photographs’ instructions carefully.
Ø Hand in orders by Wednesday 1st December at the latest.
Ø The school is not in position to resolve any mistakes re orders. You will have to deal directly with William Whyte Photography. Tel No: 021-4509548 if a mistake transpires.

Being conscious of the present economic climate purchase of school photographs is totally optional and you are under no obligation whatsoever.

School Closures:

Laethanta Saoire na Nollag: 23ú December
Ath Oscailt/Re-opening: Luan 10ú January 2011.

Briseadh Feabhra/February Break: Déardaoin/Thursday 24ú & Aoine/Friday 25ú

Lá le Pádraig : Déardaoin/Thursday 17ú Márta agus Aoine/Friday 18ú March.

An Cháisc/Easter: School closes on Aoine/Friday 15ú April
Ath Oscailt/Re-opening Máirt/Tuesday 3ú May.

Whit Weekend:
Scoil dunta/school closed Aoine/Friday 3ú June agus Luain/Monday 6ú June.

Saoire an tSamhraidh: Céadaoin/Wednesday 29ú June.

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